10 Different Types of Facebook-“ers” – Which One Are You?

~This post was written by my wife Tarn Gucci and her 1st post EVER~

I think it would be save to say that Facebook has become a world wide phenomena which many people could not live without on a daily basis. It has managed to appeal to many different personalities for a number of different reasons. I also think that we have developed our own Facebook personalities through trends that we set ourselves with our daily Facebook use. Here are what I believe the top 10 type of Facebookers personalities are-

The Quot-ers

These are the people that on a daily basis post those wonderfully uplifting, inspirational, self reflecting, somewhat self indulgent quotes. We have to be thankful for the Quoters positive energy on a daily basis however we have to be more thankful to Google which is where the Quoters visit on a regular basis searching for the perfect, ‘love quote’, ‘life quote’, ‘funny quote’, all in an attempt to be meaningful, funny or deep on a regular basis for their Facebook audience.

The Stalk-ers

The stalkers are the most discreet of all Facebookers. You would barely even know that they were active on Facebook, an occasional post, a rare picture, basic profile information. Don’t let that fool you, they are more than active. They spend many hours on Facebook seeing who said what to who, who is now single, dissecting all possible hidden meanings behind certain peoples posts and generally surfing around the limitless Facebook world.The stalkers give away is when in regular conversation, their knowledge of the latest news in Facebook world is remarkable.You may also even receive a text from a Facebook stalker telling you the latest, however they will more than often follow up with a “I barely use Facebook, it’s just for family really”!

The Lov-ers

The lovers are easy to detect, in fact they are not even trying to hide. It is basically their mission to spread their love. Their love is limitless, they love their family, their dog, their work, their life, and their friends. Lets not forget how much their friends love them back too, lovers attract lovers and spend most of their time telling each other how much they love each other. I would also like to add how much lovers like to tell their husbands or wives how much they love, miss and adore them. I believe that often this is done while in bed together on two separate laptops. Again lovers are positive people but you have to wonder if Facebook has taken over all other communications for this type of facebooker or if they would just prefer for their Facebook friends to know how “truly happy” they are.

The Shar-ers

The sharers are not big talkers, they prefer to communicate through sharing pictures, videos, links, and their latest check in. You can identify a sharer by different ways, one way would be to look at their albums. If they have a large number of photo and video albums ranging from ‘Max the dogs first bath’, to ‘Baby Joe, 45 days old’, to ‘The flowers in my garden’ you can assume they are a sharer and prefer pictures to words. Another way to tell is to look on a persons wall, if it encompasses link after link you again can assume they are a sharer. Although people of little words their pictures (and links) often tell a story.

The Flirt-ers

The flirters will often pop up from no where with a ‘poke’ or a generous but unsolicited compliment. They also encompass a little of the quoter and lover using their words to grab the attention of their latest attraction. Flirters are very active on Facebook making sure to get the desired amount of attention back from all their ‘fans’ they have harvested. Their profile picture will often be a picture of them with the most alluring smoldering eyes and smile they can muster while taking a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror with their cell phone turned around. Maybe a somewhat harmless breed of facebookers just looking for love, but lets not be naive, the flirters are really just the players of the Facebook world.

The Gam-ers

The gamers are self explanatory, they are the people that spend endless hours playing the games of Facebook and asking you to harvest their farmville crops, and join their Mafia War. I believe these people to be people to use Facebook as a form of wind down time, maybe something to do to relax after work, maybe something to get away from the wife or husband or maybe even just because simply they like games. I do however find gamers to have an incredible amount of time on their hands to dedicate to harvesting imaginary crops. What ever their reason and whatever they choose as their time allocation to the games of Facebook all I can say is thank goodness for the privacy setting to allow me to block the endless game requests.

The Friend-ers

The frienders quite simply are the people with the most friends. For the average Joe it would be inconceivable to actually have thousands of friends, by friend I mean somebody that you actually know and may have even said hello to face to face. In Facebook world it is more than possible to achieve the popularity vote by simply clicking on every single friend suggestion. Frienders come up in your news feed with a post something like ‘Joe Smoe has just become friends with Betty Smith and 73 others’. In this situation 1 of 3 things has happened. 1- all of a sudden Betty Smith and 73 other people all decided to befriend Joe. 2- Joe has not checked his friend request for a long period of time and has decided to do some catching up. Or 3- Joe has been click click clicking to send enormous amounts of friend requests. I’m guessing Joe was not very popular growing up.

The Complain-ers

‘I hate Mondays’, ‘Weather sucks’, ‘I hate my boss’, ‘Don’t want to go to work’. These are just a very few of the types of complaints you will hear from the complainer clan. Complainers are dedicated to complaining on a regular basis so you will notice frequent activity on Facebook. Unlike the frienders the complainers don’t have a grand total of friends but what they do have are a handful of complainer commiserators loyal to every complaint. Complainers are short with their posts, sometime almost illiterate ‘i h8 mundays’ or maybe just too lazy to type in complete sentences. I would take a wild guess that a large portion of complainers relationship status is single.

The Lik-ers

The likers aren’t quite on the same level as the lovers but maybe they are working their way up and one day will promote themselves to the dizzy heights of lover.They are however similar in the sense that they like everything. ‘Took my dog for a walk’ Like button click! ‘It’s Wednesday’ Like button click! ‘Broke up with my boyfriend’ Like button click! There are a few things that baffle me with the likers, the first is the lightening speed they are able to Like a comment. A comment goes up , 3 seconds later they have Liked it. Secondly isn’t it rude to like a bad comment? ‘Rover my childhood dog died today age 15, he has been with me through everything’ 1, 2, 3 seconds, the likers strike. The last and maybe the most baffling is the fact that they even Like questions. ‘What’s a good restaurant in Orange County?’, Like button click! Likers you can’t like a question, a question requires an answer!

The Invit-ers

The inviters are the people that like to invite you to every event manageable. Inviters have an inability however to sieve through their friend list and choose which events would be appropriate for each individual based on location and also activity. Likers if I live in Texas it is unlikely I will be clicking the attend button for the slumber party you are hosting tonight in Ohio. Nor at 32 years old would I be attending a slumber party anyway. I will not be attending your boyfriends Metallic tribute band playing on Saturday in a dungeon down town Los Angeles. Me my husband and our 3 children will also not be attending the wet t-shirt contest held in Australia this Sunday. My suggestion to the inviter fraternity, make some groups within your friend list to ensure the people you invite might actually attend your event.

My closing statement to all of this is a resounding applause to Facebook. We might not all like Facebook, we probably all fall into at least one or more of the crazy categories above , I’m sure also there has been hurt caused by things said, seen and disclosed on Facebook. However Mark Zuckenberg came up with a great concept in Facebook but the thing that fuels it is us. All of us and the natural human condition. The people at Facebook put the Social into Social Media through their understanding of peoples social trends. There is one final category I forgot and that’s the ‘Los-ers’ category. These are the people that quiet simply are NOT on Facebook!

Happy Facebooking people, use it all for good. Facebook isn’t bad, only how we use it can be. Remember we are the fuel, Facebook is merely the vehicle.


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