5 SEO Tips

What is the Meaning of Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the act of building up a website for the purpose of getting that site higher rankings within the search engines.

This process begins before your site goes live, as early as the domain registration.


SEO Facts:

1.  Domains with keyword in URL are easier to get ranked.
2.  Consistent discovery of your site will alert spiders and soon you`ll be getting crawled.
3.  Regularly add content to the blog linked to your site. SE`s favor regularly updated relevant (to your site) content.
4.  Join social networks ie. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube. Be social.
5.  Link social profiles to your site.

Google’s LSI, Latent Symantec Indexing, allows synonymous or related words and phrases to be detected by the spiders.  The ancient method of keyword stuffing is frowned upon and will get you penalized by the big G. For best results when writing with SEO in mind change your perspective.  Write words on your page or in your blog the way your searchers would write them and you will gain targeted traffic that way.


SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites or Blogs

SEO Plugins will help Google display pertinent information about your site in the search results.  Website, Title and Description will be displayed and should create interest among searchers.

Recommended plugins:





These are the first steps you should be taking to prepare your site for SEO driven traffic.

Prove your relevance(to Google)  by fulfilling the searchers needs.



Tom wants to bake a cake so he types into Google ‘how to bake a cake’ and is pleased to find howtobakeacake.com the very first search result.


He goes to the site to find a recipe with detailed instructions  on how to bake a cake.


The site has links to other recipes if the first one doesn’t work out for Tom.


There is nutritional info rmation to help Tom with his dietary needs.


Tom really likes this site so he will share it and subscribe to the blog for interesting updates about How to Bake a Cake.


The search engines will pick up on the activity of the site and see that new visitors are often coming, many are returning, many are from referrals or social networks…. the site must be important!



Backlinks are an important part of your SEO strategy but before you become to wrapped up in advanced techniques you will only help yourself out by following the advice above.

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