Best 5 Ways to Create Trust on Your Website

If you are using your website to create credibility for your business, it can be a complete mystery as how to develop your content in a way that builds trust as your visitors browse around your site. It is safe to say that a website is a bias representation of information because who would create a business website and say bad things about it. There are however several ways to keep the playing field level and build in elements to your site that will instantly help to develop trust with your visitors. Just to remind us all why trust is so important, is because consumers buy from businesses they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST (learned this from WH & Associates).

So as I said early there are several ways to build trust with your website visitors  and I am going to give you my top 5 ways to accomplish this.  I have based some of my top 5 on a business website I own called  Trust is key to the success of this website because the whole purpose of the site is to collect $39 from the visitor to fix their WordPress issue.  Now in order to even attempt to fix their issue, they must provide sensitive login information through a web form and have to trust that it will be safe and used in the right way.  So let’s dive in and see my top 5 ways of creating trust on your website.

1. Include a Testimonials Page

This is so important in creating trust and there is a proper and in-proper way of doing this.  I am sure we have all seen the testimonials pages that simply have a few lines of happy text and at the end a person’s name.  There is no contact info for the person who left the testimonial or any way to verify it is real.  You must allow your website visitor to cross-check the information if they want to.  It could be a simple link to somewhere that they could contact the person or even a phone # if you have received prior consent.  What I have done in many situations and even on is have the testimonial author linked to their Facebook profile.  This provides an easy way for the website visitor to reach out to the author of the testimonials and inquire some more.  Also don’t forget the POWER of video testimonials.  Take a look at this example.

2. Location Details

Now this is not always possible for every site because some businesses are home based but if you do have a physical location or office, make sure you include this on your website.  I think having location details on a website adds to the credibility of the business and shows that they are established and gives you some warm and fuzzies about doing business with them.  If there is a problem you can always just show up to their location and sort it out versus not knowing where they are and them just disappearing.

3. Links to Social Media Profiles

Let you website visitors see how you interact with others online.  As a consumer I like to see how a business represents themselves to others online.  Looking into their social media profiles can tell a good story of how they do business and how they treat their prospects and clients.  They might have a link to their Facebook page and when you go there you see a bunch of posts from others and the business is quick to respond and interact with others about the business.  This is a great thing to see because it shows they care what others are saying about them and value the interaction.  Trust really goes up for me on this one.

4. Onsite Blog

One of the best ways to become and expert in your industry is to write and one of the easiest ways to become a writer online is by using a Blog.  Have an area within your website that houses articles you have written about your field.  This adds big time to the overall credibility for your business.  Taking this a step further is that a Blog also allows the readers to interact with what you wrote and shows to your website visitors that others are engaged in your content and you are engaged in their comments.  Big part of this is to be consistent in your writing.  If your last article was published several months ago, it can actually hurt your credibility.

5. Live Chat on Every Website Page

This option has been critical to the conversion rate on  We live in the age of RIGHT NOW and when a consumer is browsing your site and has questions, they want answers right away.  Having a live chat widget on your site shows that you are available and there as needed even before you have collected any type of money or commitment from your website visitor.  There are many live chat solutions available out there at no cost.  Check out this article for live chat solutions.

So these are my top 5 ways to create trust on your website and I am curious what others you think can help.  Comment below and let me know.

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