Why Blogging IS Vital to Your Business!

It’s not a speculation or a hypothetical thought anymore—blogging is an incredibly useful tool for businesses.  In the 2010 “The State of Inbound Marketing Survey”, Hubspot reported that 58% of companies claimed that their blogs helped them to gain leverage within their industry.  Hubspot also reported that blogs have an average ROI of 600%! That was back in 2010, so imagine how much blog success has skyrocketed in the past year.

Yet despite all of this, many companies still have not yet jumped onto the blogging bandwagon.  We understand that blogging takes time and work, but as with all things in life, the time and work you put into it will yield extraordinary results for your business.

So why blog? We’ve discussed again and again why a blog would be beneficial to your business, and we’re relentless and passionate about this topic, so here are three more important reasons why you and your business should be feverishly churning out blog posts:

  1. Give your brand an identity: Blogs allow you to give your company its own personality and characteristics.  No longer will you be just a static website amongst your sea of competitors, you now can give yourself a distinct voice.  Use your blog to showcase you and your company and to establish a rapport with your audience and customers.
  2. Craft your message: We’ve seen social media channels break—and create—company reputations.  Having a blog gives you the chance to be your own PR agent. You control what you want to say, and you are your most accurate source of authorized information regarding your company.  When people search for your company, your website and blog will presumably come up first, giving you the chance to address issues before any other third-party does
  3. Increase your SEO: Blogging regularly will give your website fresh content and material, allowing you to take advantage of industry topics and news and drive traffic to your website.  Keeping a blog for your company will allow you to keep up with industry trends and news, so that your customers will recognize you as a resource and thought leader.

Not all businesses have time to blog. That’s where we come in! Want to learn more about how Either/Or Media can help you blog for your business and help you build your brand? 

Contact us today at (949) 354-2564 or use our online form to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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