How to Incorporate a Blog into the Human Resource Department

The normal duties of the human resources, public relations and communications departments are to promote the company’s best features and to downplay the not-so-rosy features. A blog will fit very well into these activities, and help immensely. Here are some important reasons to blog from an HR, public relations and communications standpoint:

  • A company blog is an informal and easily maintained way to regularly communicate with your customers, and tell them about company products, achievements and innovations. Be careful, however, not to make the blog just about the company. That is one of the no-nos we’ll discuss in a bit.
  • A company blog is also an informal and easily maintained way to regularly communicate with your employees. Don’t feel that this has to be a public blog—it can be on an intranet or even in a password-protected section. You can have multiple people from the company, from executives to department managers, posting to the blog and information can be shared faster than a company newsletter or eblast—even daily posts can be sent out. Two more important posts: Firstly: unlike an email, a blog’s posts are archived, so they can be referenced later. Secondly, using a blog RSS, all employees will receive the information at the same time.
  • Educate and inform your website visitors with your blog. Show your company as a thought leader, talk about your corporate culture, showcase success stories, reward employees or customer service that went above and beyond and, in some cases, aid in damage control.
  • Encourage your employees to blog! Allow them to evangelize your company without you having to do it! They can provide intimate and insider experience for your company that gives website visitors a unique insight into how your company ticks. Your employees’ personal and enthusiastic support of your company and its products or services—and customers—is worth more than public relations and marketing efforts in many respects. You can’t buy that kind of encouraged and supported interaction with your online marketplace through advertising! In today’s world, especially in commerce, consumers want transparency. Showing that not only you are happy pulling back the curtain on your company’s inner workings, but that you also trust your employees to do so, is very compelling. (Plus, this way you can control the content that your employees post online! You want to ensure they’re not giving away trade secrets or proprietary information!)
  • These last two reasons, in fact, are how the blog can be used as a recruiting tool for your company. Potential employees can learn about your culture, your policies, how the company interacts with the world—even the process you use for hiring employees. You can even get them engaged before they even submit a resume by encouraging them to interact or comment on blog posts.
  • Use other company blogs to your advantage. As mentioned earlier, many companies recruit from their competitors. Keep track of blogs written by your competitors, their employees and any industry sources that could have relevant information for you. You just might find information that gives you the competitive edge.

Are you a human resources professional who writes a blog? Please share what you’ve learned works best! If you’re a human resources professional who wants more information about how to get started blogging, please get in touch with Either/Or Media and Dynasty Web Solutions. We can get you up and running in no time!

Any other blogging questions? Call Jennifer St. James of Either/Or Media on 949-354-2564 and arrange a consultation.

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