Is Blogging Better For Your Website Than SEO?

This is the first guest post from Jennifer St. James, owner of Either/Or Media, Orange County’s top business-blogging company. Questions and comments are welcome!

We’ll start off by saying that we don’t know everything about SEO, and we know there definitely is some value to it. But if you’re going to spend money every month to promote online marketing and keep your website relevant, you should consider choosing blogging over SEO.

Why? There are four main reasons:

1. Flexibility:

SEO for websites walks a fine line; if you start adding keywords that stray  from your site’s subject matter, you can get in trouble from Google and the other search engines for what is called “black hat” tactics. But with blogs, you have more freedom. Think of each blog as a completely new page for your website, and you can add tags pertinent to each one. Most businesses have several facets—in this economy, it’s rare that a company just sells one service or product. Imagine being able to explore each one of those facets in every way, through blogs. You can tag all of the relevant keywords for each blog, giving you much more SEO power than a static web page alone. Basically, you’re getting more bang, or online notice, for your buck.

2. Marketing:

What are those SEO guys doing, anyway? We’re not saying they’re not doing their job, we’re saying it goes on behind the scenes. And that’s the opposite from what a blog does. You can promote a blog post on Facebook, on Twitter, on your LinkedIn page, in your networking sphere…that’s right, you get to have real live people reading your blog, not just a bunch of spiders from the search engines. Which means you can use them to target audience. Have you noticed a drop in sales on a certain item, or want to sell a particular brand? Blog about it! Have you won an award or accolade, and want to let the world know? Blog about it! (And send out a press release, but that’s another blog.) Have you added a new service to your roster, or a new employee? Blog about it! We think you see where we’re going with this, but let’s give you an example. One of our clients has Sunday Ticket games showing in their bar area every NFL season. If you look up “Where can I watch the Raiders in Orange County” (and people do), one to three of our blogs will show up within the top five Google results. Yes, our little restaurant in Santa Ana. Don’t believe me? Try it. Their name is Benjies Deli. Oh, and the blog you’ll find? We wrote it last year. It’s still working. Does SEO give you that? We think not.

3. Public Relations:

How better to control what people read about you than to write it yourself? Especially when an issue has come up or an event occurred that perhaps doesn’t show your company in the best light. You can immediately post a blog that deals honestly about the issue and deal with your customers directly. I recently attended a presentation by the erudite and esteemed Ron Ploof, who used a case study of a blog that helped explain a company’s mistake. This company managed to tell all the people that passed an industry certification test that they hadn’t passed, and vice versa. Oops. Luckily, they had already been blogging, had a following, and their corporate apology written by the president was well received by the audience, especially since they allowed those who did not pass (but thought they had) the chance to retake the test for no charge. Hopefully Ron will be able to direct us to a case study on his website; we couldn’t find it right away. You should visit his site anyway—he is a very smart man with a great way of explaining all things “social media”—although don’t use that term with him…

4. Relevance:

This one is simple. Remember how we keep banging on about how Google has changed their algorithms to reward websites who have consistent, regular updates of content? Well, we’re banging on about it again. It hasn’t changed. And how do you get on board with this consistent, regular updating?? Uh, BLOGGING. That’s one way, and it’s a heck of a lot easier than making a video every week. Why would you NOT do something that Google directly said will help your website rank higher?

If you’re reading this and are still wondering how blogging can help you, please do get in touch. We’ll be happy to explain this all again in direct relation to your business. So call (949) 354-2564 or email usand we’ll be happy to help.

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