10 May 2012

Local Motion: How Mobile Marketing Will Ignite Your Buy Local Campaign

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Part III in the Series Buy Local

What is Mobile Marketing?

Okay, from Parts I and II of Local Motion you now have an understanding of the Buy Local concept, how important it is to your community and how to integrate Social Media but what about Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing is a way to reach customers using the internet while not near traditional connections such as pc or laptop in a home environment.  I know what you’re thinking….here’s something else to figure out-but you want to put your business in front of your local customers who want to buy NOW, right?

With the explosion of smart phones-iPhone, Android, Blackberry as well as iPads and tablets, a whole new way of communicating has developed bringing our business up close and personal with the rest of the world and doing it fast.  These devices can all access the internet and there are 5 times as many smart phones as there are PCs and laptops in the world today. Mobile Marketing is a method of marketing through these devices.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing with Buy Local 

You want to connect with your local consumer right? With the trend of mobile marketing it’s up to you whether local consumers find you first or go outside of your communities for their shopping and buying needs.  Whether you live in a small town or a large city, one thing is for sure-everyone is headed towards mobile marketing in some form in the next year. Consumers who are actively searching are motivated buyers!

  1. Additional Brand Exposure. A mobile website and mobile offerings are additional sources for customers to find you and get familiar with your products and services. Having multiple brand sources helps you to increase your traffic, referrals and sales-your local growth.
  2. Mobile Use Increase.  Almost one fifth of Americans are accessing the web on a daily basis which means increased opportunities for retailers. Currently one in two mobile subscribers owns a smartphone. In order to reach out and “grab” that business, you need to be involved in the ever increasing mobile web.
  3. Local Service.  More and more consumers are finding their local businesses through mobile services such as GPS and mobile search apps. This gives you great opportunity to create promotions, coupons and offers that will drive sales and traffic to your local business.
  4. Cost Effective.  Mobile web sites are very cost effective in comparison with traditional website pricing. There are many free and low cost app services that provide businesses with tremendous marketing offerings.
  5. Convenient.  With so many people on their smartphones during the busiest parts of the day, what better way to reach them? Mobile websites and services provide on-the-spot response to action. Consumers look for ways to save time and money. They will look to your business for these opportunities.

Interesting Facts and Trends-Did You Know?

  • ½ of ALL local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • 1/5 of Americans access the mobile web each day spending an average of 2.7 hours per day
  • Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons
  • Mobile searches result in action within 1 hour in 70% of connections
  • The average response to an email is 90 minutes-the average response to a text is 90 seconds
  • 88% of smartphone consumers take actions within the same day
  • There are more mobile phones on the planet then there are TVs
  • 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps
  • Mobile web will overtake the desktop within two years
  • Consumers will spend $10 Billion on mobile transactions in 2012

Plan Your Local Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing has a purpose and a call to action. Instead of using traditional push marketing tactics, choose instead to pull your customer in with appealing offers that suit your local consumer. Be the action they choose when buying online.

  1. Mobile Ready. Check to see if your website has a mobile marketing presence and initiate actions to make it “mobile ready”.  If you are not website savvy or have someone else administrating your website, speak to them about how to make changes.
  2. Target Market. Make a strategic plan to target your core customer and appeal to those directly around you. Here’s an opportunity to make it seasonal even if it is the “off season”. One suggestion would be choose to appeal to your year round clients instead of tourists….like a “thanks for your annual business” campaign or “special offers for our locals”.
  3. Value. Make your offers have value. Offer something free or something greatly reduced if they respond to the mobile offer only. It’s a great idea to offer monetary incentive, something entertaining and unusual and something to encourage repeat business.
  4. Integrated Marketing. Market your efforts with traditional and social marketing.  Make sure you send newsletters, emails and announce on social media venues.  Be location specific….let them know where you are and how to find you.
  5. Time Sensitive. Make your offers timely. Give them specific dates when your special offers will expire. Nothing stimulates a call to action like “ending-on-this-date”.
  6. Track and List. Keep track of your efforts. Every campaign needs to have results. You need to know what works and doesn’t work with your local audience. Make sure you have a plan to record your efforts and formulate a list of those that participate.

Mobile Marketing and Your Buy Local Campaign

Hopefully this article has given you some good insight into mobile marketing and how it can help your Buy Local campaign.  In order to keep it local you have to reach out to where your consumers are buying, shopping, eating and playing!

Keep in mind your traditional website may not be accommodating those who look for you on mobile devices. Sometimes regular websites may not facilitate a mobile version.  There are solutions such as having mobile plugins added to your website or having a mobile site created.  In any case, I hope you shop local first.

Statistics/research from: http://forrester.com, http://nielson.com, http://smsmarketing.com, http://mmaglobal.com, http://pewresearch.com

Stay Tuned for the last part (Part IV) of the Buy Local Series

Well, we covered What the Buy Local concept is, how to use social media with Buy Local campaigns and why Mobile Marketing should be used.  The last part in the series will be some highlights of your responses and comments to the series and focus on a few of your Buy Local campaigns.

Let’s Hear From You!

Now it’s time to hear about your Buy Local Campaign and your thoughts on Mobile Marketing.

  • Are you currently using mobile marketing with your Buy Local campaign?
  • What are you doing in the way of coupons, apps and special offers?
  • What plans do you have for mobile marketing in the near future?
  • Are you an Internet/Mobile Marketing Business? How are you encouraging Buy Local campaigns in your own community? What can you add to the above facts and trends that people should know about?

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11 Responses to “Local Motion: How Mobile Marketing Will Ignite Your Buy Local Campaign”

  1. AngelaLong says:

    Great article Brenda, I will definitely share this with my husband who has a local business.

    • BrendaEllison says:

      [email protected] so much Angela! If he has a mobile solution that is working, I would like to know what he is using! I appreciate the feedback!

  2. psanchez says:

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for all that you do for us, Brenda. You have your fingertips on the pulse of what is happening in the business world and make it so much easier for us to keep in touch with what is going on. 

    • BrendaEllison says:

      [email protected] Thank you so much Pat. I appreciate it!

  3. Classy Gal says:

    My website does have a mobile presence.  I have not seen how that is working for me but do understand the concept.  Am still learning more every day and this kind of information really helps.  I have yet to utilize the mobile capabilities of sharing offers etc but hope to in the very near future.  
    I agree that buying local is very important and I share local businesses with my social media world on an ongoing basis.  I also, personally, check local for everything I am looking for BEFORE I head to the big box stores.
    Thanks for all the information Brenda, well done!

    • BrendaEllison says:

      [email protected] Gal Thanks for the insights! I think many people are just dipping their toes into mobile but I know this will be a very important part of marketing as well as Buy Local campaigns.

  4. LisaBurns1 says:

    Very informative & well written article. Thanks for making it easy to understand. Our new & improved website will be mobile ready!

    • BrendaEllison says:

      [email protected] so much for the response Lisa Burns! your local community efforts are part of the reason Buy Local campaigns work!  can’t wait to see the new mobile ready site!

  5. abovepromotions says:

    SoLoMo is where it is at for sure.  Every brick and mortar business should be utilizing these topics.

  6. JulieLarson says:

    Excellent article, @Brenda Ellison! When Google’s Mobile Playbook was announced last month, they said having a mobile website should be a business owners top priority.

    • BrendaEllison says:

      [email protected]@Brenda  Julie, I appreciate your input! I know you and the DivasMobileSolutions are making great strides helping businesses (especially local) to get a much greater and far reaching impact for their businesses!

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