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Of course you don’t have the advertising and marketing capital that big box companies enjoy to start your Buy Local campaign. What better way to overcome the odds than by using some of the best and most cost effective tools available to you right online? Social media is your first opportunity.

Yes, social media…something you probably already use every day in some form. Using online marketing such as social media and mobile marketing is more important than ever before. Yes, it can be an undertaking at first but you don’t need to be involved in every form of social media to be effective. You need to decide which social media is most important to your business and develop a campaign to put your Buy Local campaign in front of your customers. That’s why I have provided some interesting information on 6 of the top social media to help you decide what will work best for you.


Visual engagement and mobile marketing are really emerging in online marketing. There is so much information being produced, people skim to the things that attract their interest and look for ways to quickly communicate. Here are some statistics on the top social media to help you decide which ones are right for you.  Even if you only choose one, be sure to be involved with some social media. Your Buy Local campaign with thank you for it….with business!


Facebook is still on top and innovating at a very high speed. They recently purchased Instagram, a mobile app platform to enrich their visual engagement. People can use Facebook for both personal activity as well as business. Their fan pages seem to do well for small business right up to big brands.

  • Monthly active users now total nearly 850 million
  • 250 million photos are uploaded every day
  • 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook
  • 425 million mobile users
  • 100 billion connections
  • Zynga’s games revenue is currently 12% of Facebook’s total income
  • 2.7 billion “likes” per day
  • 57% of users are female


Twitter is quite different than other social media. It does not enjoy the same kind of visual impact that other social media does but Twitter users are large in numbers and very loyal. This is more of a “get down to business” social media with a limited amount of characters and frequent use of “shortened” links. For that reason it is all about the content….but getting the message across and getting people engaged is very important to business.

  • There are over 465 million accounts
  • 175 million tweets a day
  • 1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day
  • Top 3 countries on Twitter are USA at 107 million, Brazil 33 million and Japan at nearly 30 million
  • Busiest event in Twitter’s history is now “Castle in the Sky” TV screening 25,088 tweets per second (previous record was the last minutes of the 2012 Superbowl with 10,245 tweets per second).
  • Projected revenues for Twitter in 2012 are $260 million


LinkedIn started out in 2003 as a business type connection for professionals. They focused on engaging groups of like-minded business people. They currently have over 150 million members and have created quite a niche for job seekers as well as employers looking to hire.

  • 2 new members join every second
  • USA leads membership at more than 57 million, Europe has more than 34 million members
  • 60% of its members live outside the USA
  • In 2011 there were 4.2 billion professionally oriented searches on the LinkedIn platform
  • LinkedIn now has over 2,116 employees (at the beginning of 2010 it had only 500)
  • The fastest growing demographics are students and recent college graduates
  • Revenues for 2011 reached $522 million
  • LinkedIn is the 36th most visited website in the world


YouTube is all about engagement and communicating. How many of you have ever watched or downloaded a YouTube video? From music to instructions and everything in between, this website is always available. It is the second largest search engine right behind Google….and it is very cost effective. Videos for your business are extremely important and most websites now incorporated them on their homepage/landing page, blogs, sales pages and emails. Every business should at least have a simple introduction video.

  • 3rd most visited website according to Alexa
  • 2 billion views per day
  • It handles 10% of the internet’s traffic
  • Average YouTube user spends 900 seconds per day
  • 44% of YouTube’s users are aged between 12 and 34
  • Over 829,000 videos are uploaded every day
  • Average video duration is 2 minutes 46 seconds


Pinterest’s growth has been phenomenal. This very simple yet effective method of social media has spurred an incredible amount of attention and users. You can “pin” images and videos to boards you create and the response has been incredible. Marketers are now developing programs to utilize this site to great advantage for their businesses. They were named one of New York Time’s “50 Best Websites of 2011”. This website was started in 2009 and is barely two years old.

  • December of 2011 Pinterest became one of the top 10 largest social networks with 11 million visits per week
  • In January it was driving more referral traffic traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+
  • Over 10.4 million registered users
  • Nearly 12 million monthly unique vistors
  • Most of the sites users are female
  • 97% of the site’s Facebook “likes” are by females
  • It is the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark


It is estimated that Google+ will hit 400 million users by the end of 2012. They have a very different engagement system than other social media. They are a part of Google which has been the major search engine on the internet for a long time. It is mandatory for anyone who signs up for Gmail to also join Google+.  Although engagement levels are much lower than those of Facebook, Google+ remains an intricate part of Google family including YouTube, Android and Google Search.

  • It was launched on June 28, 2011
  • Google+ reached 10 million users by July 14, 2011
  • 67% of Google+ users are male
  • Google “+1″ button is served more than 5 billion times daily
  • It is gaining 625,000 users per day
  • In less than one day the Google+ iPhone app became the most popular free application in the Apple App store


  • Do you think Social Media is important to your campaign?
  • What types of Social Media are you using in your Buy Local Campaign?
  • Which one brings the most engagement?
  • Which one brings the most business?
  • Which one brings the most referral?

I would like to hear about your campaigns! If you are a Buy Local Organization, please let us hear from you too! The more we connect, the better the business!

statistic sources: websitemonitoring.com, speakeasymagazine.com, infographiclabs.com, Sandbox

Brenda Ellison
Blog: MyInfoBlog
Website: MyInfoSnap.com “Your Florida Gulf Coast Online Guide”

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