Calling All Authors for Pay Per Post System

It is so important now a days to keep your Blog fresh with new content but we are get stuck in the “Not Enough Hours In The Day” mode.  So in order to find a solution to this we have just launched a Pay Per Post System that will allow authors to earn money for each article they write on our site. This is cutting edge and a great way for us to get some new content on the site and give authors visibility to their articles and also earn a few extra pennies along the way.

We do our best to give you and your articles the audience that you want. As an author on our site we will feature your articles and create a nice author block on every article to promote you and any of your online websites/profiles. We just launched a Pay Per Post System for each author. The Pay Per Post System is simple, you write and we pay you for it. You are paid per unique visit to your article $0.01 and given bonuses for comments. Pay Per Post SystemSo if you had 1000 unique visits to your article (which is very doable), you would make $10. You will be able to check your article stats at all times and see how much we owe you.

See full details about this Pay Per Post System at THIS LINK and let me know if you have any questions at all.

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