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Have we finally convinced you that a blog for your business is an absolute necessity? Great! Let’s get started, then. Blogging for your business, however, can’t just be another online journal where you can simply allow your stream of consciousness to flow freely without any censor.

In fact, blogging is much more than that– it’s a carefully crafted art that, when executed correctly, can yield extraordinary results for a business. When done wrong, at the very least, won’t do much for your business, and at the very worst, might even cripple your business’s image. Here are a couple basic pointers to get a beginner blogger started:

Keep It Short!

Being concise is key! Long articles are visually intimidating, and can really deter readers from wanting to further read your blog’s content. We know you have a lot to say, so if you find that you are going over the word quota (650 words max is our rule of thumb), then consider splitting up your blog into multiple entries. This will not only keep each entry concise, but will also provide you with more material that you can use to populate your blog for the next several weeks.

Be Creative-

What happens when you feel you have exhausted all that you can write about for your business? Impossible, we say! Think outside of the box—your business is a lot more than what you advertise on your website! It is a common pitfall for business owners to blog about the standard and ordinary topics, but the topics that are really interesting are informative or personal or both! Take the time to brainstorm good blog topics that pertain to your business– Research the market, follow the trends and keep a lookout for what is new in your industry. It is good to always be learning, and even better to share this newly acquired knowledge with your audience. Engaging and compelling content will impress your readers.

Edit, Edit, Edit-

Like we said, when done wrong, blogging might even harm your business’s image. We don’t know about you, but bad grammar to us just looks awful. We judge people who do not use there, they’re and their correctly. We cringe when someone says your instead of you’re. We ruthlessly wield the red marker when we see that it’s has been used as a possessive case. Alright, so we may be tough critics because grammar is sort of our niche, but you don’t need to be a Shakespeare in order to write. We urge you to always double check your work and edit for grammar errors. Your writing is a reflection of who you are, and you never know who might be secretly judging your grammar!

Don’t have time to worry about all these things? Have better things to do than write your blog—like run your business? Let Either/Or Media do it for you! Contact us today for a marketing consultation, and let us help you get your business’s blog up and running.

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