What are ten simple keys to avoiding viruses?

10 simple ways to avoid spyware, viruses and other


According to one Computer Economics report, the annual global expenses spent to remove
malware increased by $10 billion over the recent decade. It is important to have a quality anti-malware removal program in your
computer however you can just as easily prevent the spyware, virus and other
malware from infecting your
computer by taking the following 10 simple steps.

1. Install a quality

malware monitoring tool.
There are many high quality
malware monitoring tools out there which can do the job. If you have real time protection on while you are surfing on your
computer then this will enable the
computer to quickly identify any potential threats and remove them before it gets any worse.

2. Ensure your

anti-spyware or antivirus software is updated with the latest definitions.
As annoying as those update notifications can be, it is important to have the latest database definitions in your anti-spyware or antivirus program so that your software can keep track with the latest viruses, spyware and other

3. Perform daily scans.
If you are not bothered to manually set up the scan then you can schedule them daily at a specific time. Quality

Anti-spyware and antivirus tools should have features allowing scheduled scans to be set up.

4. Avoid downloading files from suspicious websites.
What can be classified as suspicious website? Websites which have to do with illegal materials such as warez, cd keys etc. You will also find shadow copies of major websites such as Facebook so make sure there is no typo in the URL address.

5. Don’t download through P2P Programs.
There is no one to verify whether the file is virus-free in P2P networks.

6. Beware of any emails from people you do not know.
If you can’t identify the sender of the email then take caution in opening the email. Just opening an email can activate the virus attached.

7. Do not open email attachments until it has been checked through a virus scan.
Most of the popular email services such as Gmail should come with a free virus scan service.

8. Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows so that you can install the latest security patches.
From time to time, Microsoft will release security updates which fixes loopholes in the Operating system. Automatic updates is the easiest way to download these updates.

9. Turn on your Firewall at all times.
Firewalls can act as your first defense against

malware attacks.

10. Disable autorun

Malware relies on Autorun in order to spread. Click here to find out how to disable autorun.

Last but not least, use your common sense. Do not enter suspicious websites. Always make sure that there is no typo in URL Addresses or you may be subject to online fraud.

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