What’s the best way to paste a video screen into an email?

How Can I Send Video Email Messages?

If you’re interested in sending video email using a hosting service
that has provided you with some HTML to embed, you can certainly
include that in your HTML messages.

However, please note that video technologies are generally blocked by ISPs and email clients and so your video may not be playable within an email message.

As a result, it is not advisable to embed a video directly within an
email message. Fortunately, there are two alternatives to consider, and
either would provide better results:

Sending Video Email Using a Text Link

You can place a text link into your messages, linking to a page containing the actual video.

link would be added just like any other text link, with hyperlinked
keywords for HTML messages, and a full URL address for Plain-Text.

For example, you might describe the video in text, and then include a link using text like “Click to Play the Video”.

Sending Video Email Using an Image Linking to a Page

Another alternative allows you to include something in your email that
looks like a playable video, but what leads the subscriber to a page
containing the actual playable video.

It will require a few more steps than including a text link but should not be difficult:

1. Load the Video Page and Take a Screenshot

In your web browser, open the page containing the video you’d like to include in your email.

Scroll to a point on the page where you can clearly see your video. Then, take a screenshot of the page.

How to Take a Screenshot

A screenshot is just a freeze-frame of whatever is on your screen at the point where you hit specified keys on your keyboard.

Using Windows? Hit the “Print Screen” button.

Using a Mac? Hold the “Command” and “Shift” buttons and hit “3″

2. Crop the Screenshot in an Image Editing Program

After taking your screenshot, open a new file in your preferred image editing program.

We use GIMP (GNU Images Manipulation Program), a free program. You may have your own preferred application, like Photoshop or iPhoto on a Mac system.

Paste in the screenshot, and using the using the marquee (select) tool, place a box around the video portion of the screenshot:

Hit the “Crop” button or use the crop feature where it is found in your
image editor. You image should now consist of just a capture of the
video itself:

Save the file somewhere on your hard drive you’ll be able to find easily in just a few minutes.

3. Upload the Image to Your Website and Add to Email

you would any image you’d like to include in your email messages,
upload the image file somewhere on your website or image hosting
service and get it’s URL address.

Open your email message in AWeber, and scroll to the “HTML Message” portion of the page.

Using the image tool, add the image to the message.

4. Turn the Image into a Link

The last thing you need to do is transform the image so that when it is
clicked on, subscribers are sent to the page containing the video.

Use the link tool
to accomplish this. In the “Title” box enter some text like “Click to
Play the Video” so that subscribers with images turned off by default
still see an option to play the video.

Still Have Questions?

If after reading this article you still have questions, contact us for a personal response from our Customer Solutions team.

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