Why Blogging is Better than SEO for Your Website

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: There’s no free lunches, and there’s no shortcuts. Sadly, it’s been proved again.

Yesterday morning, I checked my email as I usually do and found a long and angry email in my inbox. This is how it started:

“My husband and I find ourselves in an unfavorable position with our website after trusting companies to be honest with us and do a good job.

We had a customer call us, and we always ask how they heard about us. This client said that we had worked on their parents’ home and did a great job. In fact, the client said that their parents LOVED us. But we couldn’t find you on the web! You guys do great work, so why don’t you have a web site? We found out that this customer owns a very successful SEO and website company.

My husband says we never have any calls from the web site – but we spend a lot of money on it. Our customers pay us for our professional services. We have paid professionals to help us in an area where we are not experts. You have to ask yourself what is wrong with this picture.

We asked for some outside help – this is what we found out:

Currently the only traffic technique being used is accidental search engine traffic when A PERSON EITHER TYPES IN THE COMPANY NAME OR USED A SERVICE TO

The site has been over-optimized for search engines. Not optimized for local search, internet yellow pages, or directories and has major negative properties such as duplicate content, multiple sites and poor linking, all of which have a resulted in a fractured web presence and, as a result, doesn’t show up on the first page of Google for any of the best search terms. Videos have been deployed on the website, however in a way that does not help the search results. There is no way to capture visitor information and the call to action for visitors is weak at best.

In a nutshell, it seems that our website was designed for search engine robots to scan, and not for human interaction. Even if you get visitors, they most likely do not have result in a conversation to a phone call, appointment, or paying client.”

My client, understandably, was upset. I had noticed that this company she’d been using had changed my original content and some of the visual aspects that the original web designer had created, but I’m not one to go around telling people how to run their business. If she’d asked, I’d have happily reviewed this company and given her my honest feedback. Luckily, her email did go on to mention that the blog was about the only thing that still worked on the site to get traffic!

This was the sentence that killed me: “We have paid professionals to help us in an area where we are not experts.”

Exactly. Thanks, SEO company, for lying to my client, taking their money and ruining their website. I will not “out” this company on the blog, so email me if you want their name in order to avoid them.

The long and the short of this is: Don’t try to take shortcuts to building your web presence. I’ve posted before on why blogging is better for your website than SEO, and this client’s experience is one of the big reasons why. SEO is complicated, and many companies are dishonest, throwing around big fancy words to keep their customers in the dark while they get paid.

And, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure that this company’s work was malicious in intent. I certainly hope not, as I can’t imagine that they’d get many referrals or repeat business. Perhaps they just didn’t know what they were doing—which, in a way, is more dangerous!

So, why are blogs better than paying a company to optimize your site for search engines? In short, it’s because blogs optimize your website by adding fresh, original content with relevant tags (versus the keyword stuffing as this SEO company did to my client’s website). That’s marketable real estate on your website that you can use to promote yourself, launch new topics and products, communicate with your clients….honestly, there’s about a dozen reasons why blogging is awesome.

Not to mention: Blogs can change the world. Just read about this 9-year-old in Scotland who got her school to improve their lunches by blogging about how terrible they were.

What can you do with your company’s blog? The possibilities are endless! If you have questions on how to start, or need a few consulting sessions to learn the ropes, email Either/Or Media or call (949) 354-2564 to make an appointment.

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