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SEO for blogs is an important consideration. SEO is short for Search  Engine Optimization. You’ll want your blog posts forSEO for Blogs your business to be seen by the search engines, right?  To do that there are considerations you’ll want to have in mind when writing them. The list below is SEO for blogs tips. These are the order the spiders use, top to bottom of your posts.

First, find the most popular search KEY Words. Using the most popular search words or phrases is the most important part of getting your blog posts being seen and indexed for best search engine results. If you’re not using those keywords, it’ll make it less powerful for that to happen. Using the key word search in Google will give you guidance on how to select the best working. Go Here for that

This address Google says is changing and you’ll want to establish an AdWords account. This will help your SEO for Blogs better practices.

Second, pick a single, focused keyword or Key Phrase

I recommend using the Yoast WordPress plugin on your Self Hosted WordPress blog. This will help guide you where you need to make corrections as outlined in this blog posts. Other benefits of Yoast is that it’s great for use on your entire WordPress website.

Third, your blog post TITLE.

This is one of the first things the search engines look for when they spider your posts. The title should include the key words, front and center for your blog posts to be seen. The title should be up to 40 characters and you’ll want to word it for best readability. Readability is an important part of all of you post.

Fourth, use the same focused key words for the “Heading” of your post. The heading is done by setting it for your posts as Heading 2.

Use Of  Keywords in the first paragraph of your blog post. Best to use at the beginning as your first words will give more impact to your SEO.

Blog Post Length, your blog posts are best considered if they are at least 300 words. You can get away with less, though if you want to be ranking above others for those same key words, going over 300 words is the best approach for that.

Blog post relevance. Relevant meaning your post stays on task of the subject matter you’re writing on. References can be made to other areas of your subject however keep mostly to your topic. Save the other areas that branch of to other items are best saved for additional blog posts. Put links at the end of your blog post for those related areas. I mentioned previously about writing it for easy readability. Easy readability means using simple words and shorter sentences. Having run-on sentences and terminology that some may not understand will reduce the ease of readability. Run-on sentences and heavier terminology will also reduce the popularity of your blog.

 Keyword density, make sure you have a good keyword density. This means use those Keywords in your blog content. This is not to be obsessed over, since the rule of thumb is if your content is relevant and you have the 300 plus words, the keyword density should take care of itself. Again, using the Yoast plugin will guide you with that too.

That about covers it for this SEO for Blogs tips post.
Using them will greatly improve your

Love to get your comments.

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